Interpret Europe Conference | 31 May - 3 June 2019 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina | #iecon19


Heritage interpretation

Being touched by a heritage site, considering how it relates to oneself, and how it can help to shape our common future – this is what characterises good heritage interpretation. Heritage interpretation takes place in varied locations, such as protected areas, historic sites, zoos or museums. It is supported by a broad range of approaches from guided walks to sophisticated exhibitions. Many people working at heritage sites are good heritage interpreters – even if they are not aware that this is an increasingly important profession.

Interpret Europe – European Association for Heritage Interpretation

Learning from our heritage is essential for building European citizenship. Learning is most powerful where real things can be experienced first-hand: at places such as protected landscapes and historic towns, monuments and museums, zoos and botanical gardens. Interpret Europe brings all of these places together. Joining us provides opportunities to share experiences with professionals, enterprises and universities from more than 40 countries about ways of making European heritage more meaningful to people. More information.


2MB is a recognized partner in the field of socially responsible entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With the focus on the implementation of interpretation using new methods of promotion, 2MB strives to contribute to the promotion of local entrepreneurship, protection of cultural and natural heritage, socially responsible civil activism, freedom of press and respect of human rights and freedoms.

2MB supports the organization of events, conferences, seminars and trainings in the field, always with strong connection to the local and regional communities and their interests.

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